Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Why we do what we do at Cactimedia

  Why we do what we do at Cactimedia! | Web Design Dubai

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Why we do what we do at Cactimedia!

 So why are we at Cactimedia so hung up on web design, SEO and digital marketing in general? Here’s why.

As a team of web designers, web developers, internet lovers and search engine optimizers based in Dubai, we do what we do not because it is “well-paying” or because it is the “in-thing”, but because it simply fascinates us. It didn’t take us long to realize that if we could build a business around our passions, we could easily position ourselves to not only play out our passions o but it would also allow us to reach out, connect and add value to a number of businesses in across Dubai elsewhere in the UAE. We noticed that there always is a dire need for quality designers, developers, SEO services specialists and branding prodigies and since none of us were willing to trade-in our respective passions for an office job; we created Cactimedia.

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At Cactimedia, we made a solemn commitment to not drift away into any terrain that’s financially tempting but does not captivate us and keep us awake late into the night. We are committed to never doing design and development in a certain way just because everyone is doing it in that way.

We create elegant, user-friendly and professional websites using “best of breed” development practices and tools. Apart from being user friendly, websites we design and develop are also SEO-friendly, cost-friendly and user-friendly. We are skilled at walking the fine line between visual appeal and functionality. Like movie directors and artists, we lovingly strive to create the ultimate user experience one piece of code at a time. For us, each piece of code and design has the potential to be a work of art. We love our work.We enjoy each project. Period.

Over the years we have learned the value of listening attentively to our customer’s business requirements, goals and visions. We listen not because it’s a good business practice, but because we have noticed how much we have learnt so far by doing so. We understand the value in creating commercial websites without killing the aesthetics. We understand the need for inculcating innovation and creativity without abandoning usability. We understand that our clients want websites that would make the best designers go “WOW” while allowing the laymen to easily navigate through them easily.

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